Signs of clandestine disorder for the uniformed and codified crowd

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Script for a workshop on speculative somatic measuring and data interpretation. It was applied at a design school and then published by a museum, as pedagogic method[1]]

Signs of clandestine disorder in the uniformed and coded crowds[edit]


  • printed situations
  • a3s with empty legend + space for description
  • different colored a4 papers (400?)
  • printed measurements on small paperpieces, A6
  • printed numbers on small paperpieces, A6
  • empty small paperpieces, A6

Introduction [10]

  • swimming in a sea of data
  • quantified self
  • Bodies (their presence, their permanence, their credibility, their potential) are affected by how they are measured, remeasured and mismeasured.
  • Mixing and matching measurement systems from: anatomy, physics, chemistry, geometry, biological, economic, biometrics, ...
  • probable -> possible

Hand-over of numbers

  • Each group selects 5 numbers. 50 in total (prepared)
  • [Are you happy with your numbers?]

Measurements [15]

  • These are raw numbers, so: abstract.
  • Brainstorm: what measurements? Dimensions? Disciplines?
  • Each group receives 5 measurements. 50 in total (prepared)

Bodyparts [5]

  • Numbers + measurements. But measuring what?
  • Each group proposes 2 bodyparts. Can be internal, external, small, composed, ...
  • mix, redistribute

Situation [5] "We walk the streets among hundreds of people whose patterns of lips, breasts, and genital organs we divine; they seem to uls equivalent and interchangeable. Then something snares our attention: a dimple speckled with freckles on the cheek of a woman; a steel choker around the throat of a man in a business suit; a gold ring in the punctured nipple on the hard chest of a deliveryman; a big raw fist in the delicate hand of a schoolgirl; a live python coiled about the neck of a lean, lanky adolescent with coal-black skin. Signs of clandestine disorder in the uniformed and coded crowds"

"Caminamos por las calles entre cientos de personas cuyos patrones de labios, senos y órganos genitales divinizamos; nos parecen equivalentes e intercambiables. Entonces algo llama nuestra atención: un hoyuelo moteado con pecas en la mejilla de una mujer; un collarín de acero alrededor de la garganta de un hombre en un traje de negocios; un anillo dorado en el pezón perforado en el pecho duro de un repartidor; un puño grande y crudo en la mano delicada de una colegiala; una pitón viva enrollada alrededor del cuello de un adolescente delgado y lanoso con piel-carbón. Signos de desorden clandestino en la muchedumbre uniformada y codificada"

[Adolphe Lingis, Dangerous emotions[2]]

Fill out the legend with the data you received and draw the body/bodies that appear(s) in this situation [30]

  • Make sure all people in the group have their hands in the drawing. Circulate or draw together.
  • Fold back the legend and re-distribute the drawings

Each group makes a technical description of the received drawing and details the measurements where necessary [30]

  • Interpretation. Possible modes: engineer, anthropologist, biologist, science fiction writer ...

Re-distribute the drawings and descriptions, read aloud [15]

  • Look at the drawing together first before reading.

  • ... kg (weight)
  • ... grams (weight)
  • ... miligrams (weight)
  • ... tons (weight)
  • ... ? (mass per unit, density)
  • ... red (RGB)
  • ... green (RGB)
  • ... blue (RGB)
  • ... mm (height)
  • ... cm (height)
  • ... km (height)
  • ... mm (width)
  • ... cm (width)
  • ... km (width)
  • ... mm (depth)
  • ... cm (depth)
  • ... km (depth)
  • ... degrees celsius (temperature)
  • ... mm (length)
  • ... cm (length)
  • ... angle (rotation)
  • ... applied force per mm2 (elasticity)
  • ... km per hour (speed)
  • ... miliseconds (duration)
  • ... minutes (duration)
  • ... days (age)
  • ... years (age)
  • ... mm (diameter)
  • ... cm (diameter)
  • ... meters (diameter)
  • ... cm (radius)
  • ... m (radius)
  • ... cm2 (surface area)
  • ... km2 (surface area)
  • ... m2 (surface area)
  • ... (number of corners)
  • ... (number of limbs)
  • ... liters (volume)
  • ... cm3 (volume)
  • ... watts (power)
  • ... beats per minute (rate)
  • ... beats per second (rate)
  • ... beats per hour (rate)
  • ... €uros (cost)
  • ... dollar$ (cost)
  • ... bitcoin (cost)
  • ... $oles (cost)
  • ... dps (disintegrations per second = radiation)
  • ... ph (acidity)
  • ... ? (dynamic viscosity)
  • ... v (kinematic viscosity)
  • ... BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • ... likes
  • ... IQ


person -- citizen

designers have / is a body design touches bodies

how are bodies ordered age - race - gender

knowlege, power techniques

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