Possible Bodies


Item number: 001
Item title: Blenderella
Author(s) of the item: Angela Guenette
Entry of the item into the inventory: November 2012
Cluster(s) the item belongs to: Naturecultures

Blenderella is the main character in the training DVD by Angela Guenette, one of the main 3D modelers on the Sintel Open Movie project.

It has been the bestselling product at Blender Foundation for years, and many modelers involved in the Blender community have learned character modeling with the help of this DVD.

The DVD includes 9 reference images from 3d.sk, (copyrighted and used with permission), a company that sells "Human photo references for 3d artists and game developers".

Model: Aneta or Anetta Keys (https://twitter.com/anettakeysmodel?lang=es), otherwise known as Aneta Steele, Katrin, Adriana, Denise, Sunny, JeeTee or Cindy Sweet. Her industrial modeling makes this item a milestone to understand the continuuum of 3D industries along which bodies travel, mutate and co-compose with technologies and technics of big differences.