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Digital Becomings

Item number: 004
Item title: Digital Becomings
Entry of the item into the inventory: January 2017

Digital technology is increasingly becoming integrated into our daily lives. http://www.tentrotterdam.nl/en/show/quantified-self/

From the first stone tools to the latest smartphone, humans have relied upon technology for survival, the fate of humanity is inextricably linked to the technologies that we use. https://www.elektormagazine.com/articles/hacking-sensations

Systems of smart things, or IoT systems, have entered our everyday life and are shaping and enriching it in many ways. http://www.ijdesign.org/ojs/index.php/IJDesign/announcement

Tomorrow’s Internet is going to be everywhere. Connectivity will be embedded in your transportation, your home, your places of learning and work, your clothing and probably even in your skin. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Open_IoT

Computer software and its structures, devices and processes are woven into our everyday life. Their significance is not just technical: the algorithms, programming languages, abstractions and metadata that millions of people rely on every day have far-reaching implications for the way we understand the underlying dynamics of contemporary societies. Matthew Fuller, backcover How to be a geek (2017)