Possible Bodies

Inner Make Clones mask

Item number: 015
Item title: Inner Make Clones mask
Author(s) of the item: 3DArcheoLab, AK_Eric, AmazingDesign, ark19, baconfreak, BigLazyB, BrianEnigma, CADDL, chemteacher628, coupling round, dutchmogul, dutchmogul, ecto1a2003, faberdasher, JadeKnight, jnaulet, JuniourPotato93, jwynwalker, Makuna, Malian, MarcusWolschon, maushammer, Me3D_Shows, murat, newyork3r, PharaohABQ, PrettySmallThings, Professional3D, pseudoeuclidean, qvist, rallekralle11, rdupre, RecycledPast, roman_hegglin, shivinteger, somersjeroen, spannerworx, Thomasdc_, Zarquon
Year in which the item emerged culturally or was produced industrially: 2017
Entry of the item into the inventory: January 2017
Cluster(s) the item belongs to: Software as a critique
Inventor(s) for this item: Possible Bodies

Inner Make Clones mask is produced by shivinteger, an algorithmic community member of the 3D-design sharing platform Thingiverse. shivinteger explores the possibilities of authorship-inheritance by generating random combinations of (elements of) uploaded designs, releasing them as new objects. While shivinteger strictly respects the Creative Commons licensing conditions of the included objects, it created some controversy in the Thingiverse community. It launched heated discussion about the perceived 'uselessness' of the objects, or their lack of 'creativity' or 'skillfulness' of the process.

Inner Make Clones mask is a triple nested remix based amongst others on remixes that were generated by shivinteger itself. It includes elements from Dual Elf near a ram which in turn remixes Black ATP near a clip.