Possible Bodies

Rig, rigging

Item number: 058
Item title: Rig, rigging
Entry of the item into the inventory: 14 May 2017
Inventor(s) for this item: Sina Seifee

Rigs are devices told by the skeletal, the organisms that crafted in their bodies the subphylum vertebrata, a terrestrial technology for moving the flesh onto space. It is about the arm. An arm is a spaciotemporal particularity. The images we make are made in the image of those ancestors.

Rigs are clever technological provisional constructions, (always) setup for a specific naturalization. They articulate animacies: they are (almost) linguistic structures that shape or determine our "articulations" and "animations" of all sorts.

Rigs do consequential work (leaving the least epistemic trace.)

Rig-thinking is thinking about how elements are arranged together, how they are composed, how they are brought into relation in the space of a field, narrative, text, environment, etc. It is also about asking how one knows when to dismantle an old rig? how to recognize, learn to reuse or repurpose rigs?

How a being is rigged into transformational particularities? In this sense, the question of the rig is ontological, specially in a world populated by devices and techniques, interfaces and folds upon folds of constructions that do things for another constructions, rigs that translate rigs.