Possible Bodies

The One and Only (aka Humanness Guaranteed)

Item number: 065
Item title: The One and Only (aka Humanness Guaranteed)
Entry of the item into the inventory: 25 July 2017
Cluster(s) the item belongs to: Segmentation

on the cut:

digital fragmentation, computing and rendering

accurate perspective, no depth

on the intra-calibrating properties of 3D biomedical tech:

a stack of images so well calibrated to one each other that they provoke a sense of wholeness

...could we talk perhaps about the pysical expectations of the species, which embed in them the limitations of the probable?

"assuring" the (represented) oneness of humanness in its finitude /(vs the promises of monsters and the regenerative potentials of 3D)

but how is the wholeness and unity of humanness embedded in the algorithm? how can we point at it in order to problematize this ideological aspect?

the stratified body of humanism (full of well named and taxonomized functional organs)

what would be continuity out of the discrete?

+if feminism is not a humanism, how could we attendthese technologies from a feminist perspective in their fail to generate other possibilities that are if not alternative at least expansive of humanism?