Possible Bodies

Poses to calibrate & acquire

Item number: 068
Item title: Poses to calibrate & acquire
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Different poses are used in different contexts for computers to identify specific objects in an image, and to determine each object's position and orientation relative to a coordinate system. The combination of position and orientation is referred to as the pose of an object.

In motion capture, the body-to-be-captured is held still for a certain amount of time to allow the software to detect the position and orientation of body-parts. Systems are habitually expecting two-legged, upright, singular bodies.

Possible Bodies feat. Tirso Orive, testing Kinect calibration with multiple human bodies


Compact, living-room

Kinect and other markerless mocap systems.

Anetta Keys in T-pose, Blenderella in A-pose


Professional mocap studio, gaming

Also a bind pose or reference pose

Default unanimated state of a model in certain 3D graphics. This pose is often with all of a model's various parts straightened out or flattened for ease of animation.


Professional mocap studio, 3D modelling

For motion capture: depth registration

Horizontally fixed (name?)

Typical patient pose, Computer Tomography

Tomography and other anatomical recordings