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Carrier bag theory of fiction

Item number: 078
Item title: Carrier bag theory of fiction
Author(s) of the item: Ursula K. Le Guin
Year in which the item emerged culturally or was produced industrially: 1986
Entry of the item into the inventory: 29 July 2017
Inventor(s) for this item: Kym Ward

If you haven't got something to put it in, food will escape you--even something as uncombative and unresourceful as an oat. You put as many as you can into your stomach while they are handy, that being the primary container; but what about tomorrow morning when you wake up and it's cold and raining and wouldn't it be good to have just a few handfuls of oats to chew on and give little Oom to make her shut up, but how do you get more than one stomachful and one handful home? So you get up and go to the damned soggy oat patch in the rain, and wouldn't it be a good thing if you had something to put Baby Oo Oo in so that you could pick the oats with both hands? A leaf a gourd a shell a net a bag a sling a sack a bottle a pot a box a container. A holder. A recipient.

Ursula K. Le Guin, Carrier bag theory of fiction, 1986

more: https://vimeo.com/227026502

source: https://circluding.hotglue.me