Possible Bodies

Synthetic Pareidolia

Item number: 085
Item title: Synthetic Pareidolia
Entry of the item into the inventory: 24 October 2017
Inventor(s) for this item: Possible Bodies

Photograph of a moon jellyfish ...

... and the same image, after ten DeepDream iterations.

"Pareidolia (/pærɪˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists (e.g., in random data). Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations, the Man in the Moon, the Moon rabbit, hidden messages within recorded music played in reverse or at higher- or lower-than-normal speeds, and hearing indistinct voices in random noise such as that produced by air conditioners or fans."