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Hair politics is (also) a matter of volumetrics

Item number: 112
Item title: Hair politics is (also) a matter of volumetrics
Entry of the item into the inventory: 9 May 2019

Hair is (also) a battleground. A site for enacting a wide spectrum of day-to-day volumetric resistance to white supremacism. Meanwhile, on 3D modeling software forums, it is a "major topology re-work".

Adobe Fuse: Create custom hair tutorial

‘Excuse me big man, what’s happening? Why are you guys all pulling your hair like that and where are you going?’
‘To the barber shop, boy; we’re all dashing out for a haircut!’
... ’Those bastards in there, those dogs are using matchsticks and pens to classify us!’
‘Matchsticks? Pens?’
‘Yes,’ came the quick response. ‘Matchsticks and fokken pens, which they run through our hair!
And when the pen or matchstick gets stuck, the Boers shout: “Go to Room 47 and get a pass!”
Like we were fokken natives. What the hell do they take us for?’

                                                – Don Mattera: "Memory is the Weapon" (2010)

... I hit the barber shop real quick

Had ‘em give me little twist and it drove ‘em crazy

And then I couldn’t get no job

Cause corporate wouldn’t hiring no dreadlocks

Ten I thought about my dogs on the block Kinda understand when they chose to stealin’ rock

Was it the hair that got me this far? ...

‘Cause success didn’t come ‘till I cut it all off When the cops wanna harass cause I got braids

Ain’t seen nothin’ like that, not in all my days.

Man, you gotta change all these feelings

Steady judging one another by their appearance

Yes India, I feel ya girl!

                                                    – India Arie featuring Akon, "I am not my hair" (2006)

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