Possible Bodies


Possible Bodies Rotation IV

a.pass, January → April 2018

At the start of 2018, Possible Bodies will be one-and-a-half year under-way. a.pass invited Possible Bodies and the collection of conversations, artworks, experiments and reading material into its research center for four months. It is an occasion to open up the materials with a.pass participants as a resource to be reworked, annotated, appropriated and expanded.


Constant, Brussels, June 2018

Possible Bodies will contribute to Ageing Companions, a worksession organised by Constant. Worksessions are intensive transdisciplinary moments that provide conditions for participants with different types of expertise to temporarily link their practice and to develop ideas, prototypes and research projects together.


Constant, Brussels, July 2018

For the summer edition of Constant_V, Possible Bodies presents Somatopologies, materials for a movie-in-the-making. In the vitrine you will find 3D-renderings of diverse densities, wondering about the regimes of truth that converge in volumetric biomedical images. Here, a coalition between tomography and topology is at work to align math, flesh, computation, bone, anatomic science, tissue and language. But when life is made all too probable, Possible Bodies asks obliquely: what other "bodies" can be imagined?